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August Degustabox Review

Lucky me as it was time to try out the next Degustabox. I loved my last one and was excited to see what this one contained. So here goes:-

 Dr. Oetker Edible Cupcake Cases
Edible Cupcake Cases

Dr. Oetker Edible Wafer Cases are pink and blue wafer baking cases which you can eat. There is no need to remove the case, you can now eat the whole cupcake with no waste or mess! Use instead of paper baking cases when baking cupcakes for an extra special addition to your baking.
Edible Wafer Cases are bake stable, and do not need to be baked in a muffin tray- they can be baked on a flat baking tray.
Each pack contains 3 pink and 3 blue Edible Wafer Cases
I thought these were a great idea as I do a lot of baking. It would cut down on mess of emtpy cake cases all over the place. Be great for a childens party.

 Brioche Pasquier Pan Au Lait
Pan Au Lait

The Pasquier family began baking brioche in 1936 in a small bakery in the West of France. Based on a traditional recipe, our Pain au lait are made using the finest ingredients to make a light, airy, moist brioche roll you can enjoy with your favorite filling. Really yummy and great to make pudding or just have for breakfast
 Brioche Pasquier Croissants au Buerre 
Croissants au Buerre

A traditional French breakfast wouldn’t be the same without an all butter croissant. Ours are prepared using processes authentic to the original bakery, perfect when warmed in oven. All of the Brioche Pasquier traditional range is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Really yummy with apricot jam or warmed up with a little butter.
 Brioche Pasquier Pan Au Chocolat
Pan Au Chocolat

Our pain au chocolat is made with a brioche dough that is worked into alight puff pastry. It is then filled with a delicious dark chocolate. Individually wrapped, they are ideal for breakfast on the go or a snack. Really loved these so tasty and yummy

 Cawston Press Kids' Blends
Kids' Blends

Cawston Press Kids’ Blends are specially blended for tiny taste buds. We take our gorgeous pressed juice and shake it up with 40% water for a lighter juice drink. Of course, our juice isn’t from concentrate, there’s no added sugar and we never add anything artificial.
£1.89 for a 3 pack
Really lovely not too sweet and would be great for pack lunch boxes.
 Schwartz Flavour Shots

Flavour Shots
Flavour Shots from Schwartz are delicious recipe bases containing a unique blend of herbs, spices and seasonings infused in sunflower oil to give you amazing tasting meals. Simply spoon into your pan, add the meat and/or veg with a few store cupboard ingredients, simmer and serve. There are 8 delicious recipes to choose and available from Asda, Morrison's and waitrose . Really lovely flavours  and not too hot but just the right amount of spice.
£1.39 for 2


Organic drinks are a delicious and refreshing range of fruit drinks and healthy extracts Berrywhite drinks are made from premium organic ingredients with no added sugar or fruit sugars and np preservatives. Available throughout the UK including online at ocado and selected Waitrose.
Taste really smooth and nice, not to sweet and very clean and bright , lovely.

Mexican Dave

Born from the desire to bring mouth-watering Mexican  flavours to the masses. Mexican Dave's legendary tortilla chips have landed . Mexican Dave's chips, without compromising on ingredients, flavour or quality provide an alternative tortilla at a great value price. There is nothing artifical, they are cooked in sunflower oil and there is no MSG!They will be in Tesco from the end of August. Tasted great and went so well with a nice big bowl of chilli.


No Alcohol option
Fever Tree

Our award winning range of tonic waters and other and other mixers are made with the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from small specialist producers around the world as a result Fever Tree drinks taste clean, subtle and balanced making them the choice of mixer in 7 out of the top 10 restaurants in the world.
£1.69 each.

 Lindt Hello Just For You Hearts
Just For You Hearts

The Lindt HELLO Just For You Heart Chocolate Tin is the perfect chocolate gift for that someone special or even a great little treat for yourself! Each adorable heart shaped tin contains 10 delicious melt-in-your-mouth Lindt milk chocolate hearts. Nice to sweet you! I'm a tiny tin of chocolate hearts, just for you…and your tummy :) They were really smooth and yummy and the perfect size for a little treat.

Strawberry Daiquiri
Degustabox August 2014
Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri
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Feeling exotic? Want to bring some sunshine into your life? Caribbean Twist, the UK’s number one* pre-prepared cocktail drink is a mouth-watering range of sparkling, fruit flavoured alcoholic cocktails that bring you the taste of the Caribbean.
Caribbean Twist takes the hard work out of creating a cocktail. Just pour a chilled bottle of Caribbean Twist over ice and enjoy for an easy, perfect, and great tasting cocktail every time! And, because there are a wide variety of flavours, Caribbean Twist is ideal for enjoying with friends.
What’s your flavour?
Strawberry Daiquiri
The great combination of Strawberries and lime makes Strawberry Daiquiri one of the most popular cocktails. Made with 7.5% real fruit juice, garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!
Mixed Mango
Mixed mango is a fruity cocktail that’s made with 10% real fruit juice for a truly refreshing taste.

Pina Colada

Made with real pineapple juice, Pina Colada is perfect to give you a real taste of the Caribbean!

Peach Paradise
Our newest addition to the range, Peach Paradise will have you feeling like you’re lazing on a beach in Barbados. And, it’s made with 10% real peach juice!

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon has a truly tropical taste to satisfy those exotic taste buds.
Really yummy and perfect for those late summer BBQ

So that was my August selection and I was impressed once again wit the products and quality.
This is how degustabox works
1. Sign up: Only £12.99 inc delivery. The following payments to be collected on the 10th of each month. No commitment necessary. To cancel tell us before the 10th.

2. Joined on or before the 20th of the Month?
Receive your box by the end of the same month.
Joined on or after 21st ?
Receive that month's box by the 8th of the following month

3. Enjoy your Degustabox, share the items with friends and family. Review your products, give your opinions and suggestions to the brands who you did and didn't love. They want to know what all our Degustaboxers think, so tell us and make a difference!
So why not give it a go.

Please not I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product

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