Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jordans Simply Granola Review

I really love cereal I have to say lol. So when I got to try this new one by Jordan's I was delighted.
I was impressed as it was in nice chunky bits which I love and also that it was not too sweet. I am not a fun of all those sugar cereals so it was nice to try this. I enjoyed it with milk but I think it would be lovely with yogurt as well , really healthy and fresh. I thought I would try and use it for cooking with as well. I had some over ripe pears which rather than waste I used to make a pear crumble. I peeled and cut the pear up, I didn't bother adding sugar as they seemed sweet enough to me. I then made a traditional crumble mix, but as an added extra I put in a nice helping of simply Granola. It was really nice and added a firmer texture to the crumble. I was surprised how soft it stayed and was totally yummy to eat. I would have added a picture but sadly it did not last long enough for me to take it lol.

So give this cereal a try but don't limit yourself to breakfast , use it to cook or snack on all sorts of times of the day. Lots more information over at

Please note I was not paid for this review , only receiving a sample of the product.

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