Sunday, 7 December 2014

Gro Light Review

As I have become a grandmother this year to a grandson and a granddaughter in Feb 2015 , I was delighted to try this neat product.
The Gro light allows you to change the light in your baby or child's room to fit with your or their needs. The Gro-light fits easily to your normal overhead light or beside lamp and fills your baby's room with a soft flow when you flick the light switch once. Use it as a nightlight, or simply to check on your baby without waking them. Flick the switch twice and you've got you usual full light back.
It was very simple and easy to fit and easy to use. Really Handy if you have to get up and feed baby as you can have the light at a level to fit your needs. I think it is a great idea and one that you can use for years so great value for money.

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Please not I was not paid for this review, only receiving a sample of the product

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