Monday, 29 December 2014

Magic Christmas Memories

Can you believe its Monday again. I swear I have no idea where all the time goes lol. Maybe its just me getting older. When you are young the months and years seem to go on forever, then once you reach a certain age time seems to fly and you are racing to keep up. 
As we all know its been Christmas this past week. I have to say this time of year is my totally all time fave. I love cold weather, I love being at home all cosy and I love to give gifts. I really enjoy putting up the decorations and totally adore Christmas lights, they make me smile. Its also a time were those of us that have lost loved one or friends think of them. At my age sadly I have lost a few and everyone one is love and missed. I just recently lost a dear cyber sister who I had made such a strong bond with. It makes me smile about all the magic moments we had, and she totally loved Christmas.

We started off at home opening gifts with  my daughter. I was brought to tears when my husband gave me a voucher to say he had bought me a two day cake course which a cake super star! He also me a fab camera and some great  boots. Looks of really useful stuff from Natalie and money to get a card for my new fancy camera (when i can work it lol) which was lovely.

Elf Ian
My daughter Natalie's last Christmas
before becoming a mummy

This year my son Matthew and his wife Karen and our grandson Nathan were the hosts. I think there were 13 of us including my daughter Natalie ( who is pregnant with a our grand daughter due in feb) and her partner Ian. Plus the only great granddad Charlie who is my hubbies dad.
My son did all the cooking and lucky for us he takes after his dad . I can cook but I would rather do my cakes lol. 

Auntie Natalie and Nathan

Nathan and mummy Karen in his Christmas PJ's

Lets start eating!

Asleep in his cot but still joining us for dinner

Nathan and his first train

Aunt Natalie and Nathan

~ Sweet course made by my husband ~

How many presents!

It was also special as my daughter in laws mum had a cousin and his wife over from Australia which was really nice. Such a lovely couple Monika and Graham and I really felt we had known them for years .

 Monika Graham are big fans of My kitchen Rules and it is huge in Australia. So they were even more delighted to meet my husband Kevin and he was along side his friend the first UK winner of MKR last year. So this picture was just for them to take back to show everyone lol.

First UK my kitchen rules winner and Monika and Graham

 Lots of wonderful gifts were received and given and we all were so lucky to have the joy of spending a lovely day together. We had some wonderful gifts but my son and daughter in law got me a wonderful canvas picture of my grandson when he was born which was extra special.

Nanna and Nanny proudly showing their pictures

It was topped off my a visit in the evening from friends of my daughter in laws family, Barbara, Alan and Katie which is always so nice.
I have much to be grateful for this year and although health issues still cause's me pain, I keep sailing on. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas too and that Santa was as kind to you as he was to me.


  1. It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful day, lovely to be able to spend it surrounded by so many family and friends. Love the presents, what a thoughtful husband and that picture of your grandson is just perfect. Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for linking up to Magic Moments.

  2. That sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by family and friends and what lovely presents you received too - that cake course sounds fab and I love the canvas print. Wishing you all the best for 2015 :-)

    1. It was lovely louise and i was shocked about the cake course lol. Happy new year

  3. It sounds like you had a really wonderful time; lots of fun with family, that's what it's all about. Love the photo of the baby asleep on the monitor, joining you for dinner :) Glad you had such a lovely time, and Happy New Year!


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