Monday, 22 December 2014

Magic Moments : Best Friends Forever

Sue and her husband laurence

Well its Monday again and time to link up with The Olivers Madhouse for magic moments.
This week I would like to tell you all about my best friend sue.When my daughter was five she had a party. All the guest were invited and it was only a small party, and the scene was set. Then a couple of days later she asked if she could invite someone called Lindsey, who I was told was in her class. I have to admit I was thinking " Oh no", not only another full of energy five year old but that she may live miles away and I would have to walk her home lol.
My daughter took me by the hand and walked me to the window. Pointed at the house across the room and told me that was where she lived.
Party was a great success and the next day we went to walk to school and my daughter pulled me along and wanted to walk with Lindsey.
That was the start of a 23 year friendship between the girls but more important between the mums. From that point on with all became firm friends and shared lots of fun, laughter and tears along the way. We moved about 16 years ago but still remain friends even if we don't see so much of each other.
We do say its not a just a friendship but more like sisters, in fact I feel like she is my sister which is great. I think we are lucky to have maybe one or two dear friends in life , and i can honestly say Sue is my dearest.
So because we don't say it enough, I would like to say thanks for being my friend and love you loads.
Go tell your friend how much you care today.... go on I dare you lol


  1. Aw, it's great when friendships just work isn't it. I have friendships that started when my oldest started primary school that are still strong today and I'm glad you've got someone who's as close as a sister to you. Popping by from Magic Moments.

  2. Ah, this is lovely. It is special to have these friendships in our lives x

  3. Oh what a beautiful post about what sounds like a truly wonderful friendship, these are the kind of stories that make you smile. Have a great Christmas and thank you for linking up to #magicmoments.


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