Friday, 12 December 2014

Ring out the bells its nearly Christmas

So I know it is not Christmas yet and not the end of the year yet either. However I thought I would sum up my 2014 before we all got so busy.
I have to say I think the year has flown past in a flash, in fact it only seems a second ago that I was planning Christmas 2013.
I think it has been a good year, one of new beginnings and one of going over old problems! I do think as you get older you tend to look back and wonder whatever happened to all that time you thought you had.
Christmas last year was wonderful as on Christmas day our darling son Matthew and his wonderful wife told us they were expecting. It was so great and one of those times you will never ever forget.
We were so excited to be grandparents for the first time, and we were counting the seconds till our grandson arrived.
On June 8th on the day of his baby shower Nathan Charles Cook arrived in the world. Mummy did a fab job and her and Nathan arrived home in time for the shower to surprise everyone.

He is such a little dear and has brought much joy to us and his other grandparents and aunts and uncles. Everyday he seems to grow a bit bigger and I for one can't wait till he is old enough to play or make cakes.

Then just one week after he was born our youngest daughter Natalie told us that she was having a baby also lol. I was so happy for her as life has been tough, she had found the most darling partner in Ian and we are so happy. She has know Ian since they were teenagers but only as friends but then love arrived and we could not be happier for them.
They are expecting a daughter in Febuary 2015 and I hope a playmate for Nathan as they get bigger.

On a personal level my health and weight has continued to challenge me everyday, but like my blog name I try to be "Jolly" when I can. I can tell you I am not going down without a fight lol.

As for the blog I push on with my learning curve which at times is steep. I think I write some things that people like to read, and I am so happy people do. In January I think its around 4 years since the blog was born, and I still love to write on it. I know there is so much more I can do if I can learn and grow.

 In past years I have seen  BritmumsLive and wished I could go. I did not think it was for me as I am just a plain old housewife and I would be so far out of my comfort zone. So this year I thought that I needed to pull on my big girl pants and plan on going. I also hoped that someone out there would sponsor me as I really wanted to represent a brand.
You can imagine how so excited I was to be sponsored by a really lovely company called
Lifestory bank. I wonderful place to record all your memories for your loved ones, which I thought was a totally fab idea. I am so honoured to be working with them and hope I can do a great job. Please take the time to check out their fab web site as it really is great.

So going into 2015 I have much to look forward too. A granddaughter and grandson to enjoy and a trip to Britmums live to learn more about the wonderful world of blogging. I also look forward reading everyone's blog posts around the world and in the UK.
So Jollyjillys would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you so much for all your support over 2014. Please keep coming back xx


  1. Thats lovely Jill, the year has certainly flown by and 2015 is going to be a wonderful year for you xxx

  2. A great year for your family and well done on your sponsorship for Brit Mums, I'll look forward to meeting you there! Popping by from Magic Moments

    1. Thank you fiona I am looking forward to meeting all these names I read lol.

  3. A nice 2014 and a promising 2015! I also want to go to Britmums Live but I am scared and I dont have money nor can I find sponsors so I will just wait for post about the event =) #MagicMoments

    1. I did not think anyone would sponsor me but hey I did found a lovely brand who wanted to work with me. Never give up and keep asking and asking. I need another Britmums live newbie to keep me company lol

  4. That's a wonderful round up of your year, you have had a good one! I have my ticket for Britmums... Haven't decided if I can justify the trip again yet... But if I go it would be lovely to meet you :) Have a wonderful Christmas x #MagicMoments

    1. Thank ypu sara its been a good year. I do hope you come to Britmums as i would love to meet you. Im nervous i am sure it will be fun. A very happy christmas

  5. What a lovely year you have had! #magicmoments


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