Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Prompt:Dreams

So I thought I would start taking part in a link up called ~ The Prompt. I think its a great idea as often you are stumped to think of what to post. I key word can often just give you that starting push.
This time it is Dreams!
Like most children I had lots of dreams, some I did manage but some I did not like marrying Donny Osmond lol.
I had two huge dreams one was to be a singer and one was to be a nurse. I did get to be a nurse but I never finished my training which is something I have always been sorry about. Fate is a funny thing and later when I had my daughter  she went on to live both of my dreams. She is just about to start later this year her 2nd year of nurse training. She would have been in her last year but took a year out to have my granddaughter Grace last month. She is a great nurse and I have no doubt she will be wonderful for any team who is lucky to have her.
She is also a fantastic vocalist with the most wonderful powerful voice. Every time I hear her sing I am so proud of her. She truly is living my dream although I did not have even a tiny bit of her talent at all. I wish she could get further with her singing as I believe she should but it is a very hard business to get a break in.

I have put a  short video which I hope works ok so you can hear her for yourself.
So I may have missed out on a few dreams but if I may life again for the most I would not change a thing. I have a wonderful family husband, children and grandchildren and I have been lucky.
Love to hear your dreams and join in with The Prompt.



  1. Firstly, your daughter has an amazing voice! You should be very proud of her. It is wonderful that she is fulfilling her (and your) dreams, and that you have no regrets yourself, just joy at seeing your family do well. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt it's so lovely to have you :)

  2. Thank you sara i think she does as well. She was pregnant in the video as well lol. No i have no regrets thankfully xxx

  3. Wow, your daughter has a fabulous voice! I got chills listening to her, always a good sign. ;) I think, even when we don't get to live our dreams we really do. Whenever I think of my life and the things I didn't get to do I realise it's because I was meant to be doing what I'm doing now. I'm raising two amazing boys and have a lovely husband, if I'd fulfilled my dreams early on I probably would have what I have now. You should be so proud of your daughter, she has an amazing voice and sounds like she's a good nurse too.


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