Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ive lost my blogging mojo .....

So I have been blogging for a few years now. At first it was all new and a bit weird but then I got the fever and went for it hell for leather. I was keen and ready to prove there was life in the old dog yet! I had no idea of rankings or chart positions other than the top 100 music charts, and frankly I was out of date with that as well!
I was shocked that people enjoyed reading and interacting with me, and delighted when I started to creep up the rank charts. I had no idea why or how I was achieving that but I was pleased anyway.
Then I started to get the bug and wanted to push on up further and further . Well I think that is where I went wrong ! It seemed the more I tried the worse my position got and I dropped and dropped. I have ( and still have) no idea where I was going wrong. One month just as an experiment I posted something every single day for a month and still dropped.
I guess in the end it comes down to content and not how many times you post. I have had to sit myself down and remind myself of why I stuck it out at the start.
It was more my online diary , a place to record my life in words and pictures not as anything other than that.
I still enjoy doing that and if some weeks I do not feel like posting then that's fine too, if I tumble away to the rock bottom of the rank lists that's ok too.
I am doing it for me and It has got to be fun and not something I feel I have to do .
Don't get me wrong I would like to climb back up and even reach the top 100 but if that never happens then that's ok as well.
If you are lucky to be up there I say " well done" its takes a lot of work to get there and more important to stay there.
I am here waving from the bottom lol.

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