Monday, 2 March 2015

Monday blessings

So its Monday again and time to count my blessing with The Oliver's madhouse again. The last year has been a bit mad in one way or another. I have to say in a very good way its been mad lol. Last June we became grandparents for the first time. Our grandson Nathan Charles was born on the 8th and a whole new world began for us. It really seems only seconds I was that very young bride or young mum, now I was a grandma!!! Was I really that old ...... sadly yes! He is a dear little boy and he in turn is growing up so so fast. I love this picture of him as its so cute and funny it makes me smile.

Nathan being cool

Matthew and Karen with their new son Nathan

Then just a week after Nathan was born our daughter told us she was expecting. So in the space of a few days we became grandparents to one and one on the way. Mind blowing stuff! My daughter had a tough time during her pregnancy and then went into labour 5 weeks early. On January 22nd 2015 our granddaughter Grace Rose was born weighing just 4 lbs 14 and so so tiny. She was tough and soon was on her way home with mum and dad. She too is growing and we are truly blessed not only to have wonderful children and their partners but to also be lucky to have two beautiful

Ian and Natalie and their new daughter Grace 

Natalie and Grace

So even though I am clearly not old enough I will be waiting for the first time they call me Nanny!

Nathan and Grace


  1. Obviously you're not old enough but I imagine it will be a very special moment to hear the word 'nanny' when it comes :)

  2. Lovely pictures - I think it will be really special to hear 'nanny'.

    1. Thank you Erica I am so looking forward to that as well.


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