Friday, 13 March 2015

The Long Lost Post

Those who come along to read my blog often, will notice this week there have been no posts. I am really sorry for that but its been one of those weeks. I firstly have been that worn out I could not even get my fingers to the computer, let alone think of something interesting to say. I live with chronic pain and for the most I fight it, but the last 7 weeks I have been sick with one minor thing after another. That can drain your energy,
This week I also got the chance to sit at the feet so to speak of a wonderful cake artist called ~Carlos Lischetti and learn how to model in sugar. It was a wonderful gift from my husband and even though I was sick I loved what I learnt.

Sadly the week didn't end as well as it started with my new 7 week granddaughter getting sick and having to go into hospital. She seems to be doing much better now so we are hoping they are finding answers to help her. Its still a worry when they are so small as she was five weeks prem.

So please please bare with me ok. I will be back and normal service with resume when I get my head in gear xxxxx


  1. My thoughts are with you. Ive been loaded with the cold thats doing the rounds and also suffer with chronic back pain as well. Really hope that eases soon. Best wishes to your grandaughter from all of us here. Big hugs.

  2. Thanks steve. I am feeling better and mygrandaugher come home tonight and seems to be really good yay. Have a nice weekend


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