Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rant Alert!

Rant is not someone I normally do and not on my blog , however today I feel one coming on. I have been ill for just over a week with a bad chest infection and asthma . I was on holiday when it started and lucky for me got hold of some medicine to help. Now normally they kick in and I am fighting fit but this time it didn't happen. Even with all my health issues I fight on and often hide if I am feeling unwell. This time is was not the case , soon as I got home I hit my bed and stayed in it for 4 days and only moving on day five to drag myself to my doctor. My one ( who knows me well) well was on holiday so I had to see a new doctor. She asked what was the issue and then I explained, she then listened to my chest and agree It did not sound great. Also my temperature was a little low so suggesting an infection.
Then she turned to me and asked " ok how do you think we should deal with this"!!!!! what on earth! Is that not why you go to medical school for five years plus ? To be able to tell me how you can help me ?? She ended up giving me more meds and saying " Lets see how is goes" and I left.
My daughter was in next and has been having a lot of rib pain and pain in the chest. Once again she asked her what she thought should happen and then suggested a pulled muscle. No pain killers or x ray and sent her off.

I am sorry but is this not what a doctor is for to tell you what is wrong or suggest ways to help? How many people get sent off that are really sick and they have not bothered with. I am hoping we both recover well and will just have to ride it out. I think next time my doctor is away I will avoid Dr " what shall we do" like a wild fire.

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