Monday, 29 June 2015


Well its Monday again and the week has flown! This time last week I was recovering from BritMumsLive lol
I was going through face book today and as it does, it came up with a Memory I had shared with someone.
It was of two naked teddy bears sunbathing and I had sent to my friend. I remembered how much she had liked it so all the smiles came back.

A few years ago my niece has started an on line slimming club. A few people joined and we got to know each other through the Internet .  Over the year I got to  know Lisa (or leese) I never got a chance to meet her sadly .She was very ill so mostly she stayed to bake and look after her children.
I knew Leese was really sick but she had always pulled through before . She so wanted  to get out and see the world whatever happened to her
Over years we discovered we had the same silly sense of humour ! We could both come up with a story line everyday. These story lines were very silly but it did make us both laugh.

Then last September at least I think it was September . I got a message to say she had passed away. I had only spoken to her a couple of days before,  sharing my new cake as I knew she would have loved it.. I was so socked and thought she could beat the system. She was such a fighter.

I so miss our funny banter we used to have for sure. How we would come up with all kinds of stuff.
I so miss sharing my cakes as you were always there to do that for fun.

I hope this is not too sad a post but I wanted to bring Lisa into focus again. I wanted to say no matter what she went through she never once lost her sense of humour and love of life. Yes I am sad she is no longer with us but I am happy I met her for sure.

Keep naked sunbathing 
Going Leese and see you in futre.
 xx Jill


  1. Oh it is a lovely post. Some people are amazing the way they keep their sense of humour at the hardest of times xx

  2. Thanks lousie she was a very funny lady and i miss our late night chats lol

  3. This is a lovely post Jill, and lovely memories to have of your friend. I'm sorry for the loss of such a wonderful friendship x

    1. Thanks sara she was a real cyber sister who i planned to meet this year. Sadly she had to go and we never got that meeting. She was soo funny

  4. Aw she sounds like a special friend who will always be missed #MagicMoments

  5. aww Jill, its never sad when there are so many memories in your heart lovely .. its always magic in my book x
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    1. Thanks jaime. Not its sad she was taken when she had so much to live for but I think of her with a smile for sure


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