Saturday, 6 June 2015

To Be a Country Star!

I am joining in again with The Prompt and the title To Be a .....
As a child I loved to sing and when I was really small my parents friends would pay me a few pence to sing a song ! As I got older I joined choirs as school but having a weight issue meant my confidence to go solo was just not there.
I used to leave my parents notes on their pillow asking for singing lessons, which always went past without mention. To be fair people like us in those days did not have singing lessons, where my children did. I can remember leaving notes on Christmas and my birthday but I never did get those lessons.
I love Country music and used to watch and listen to country stars of the time. To me they were very glamorous and pretty. I just loved the sound and the sight and best of all the fringe on the clothes lol.
I never got to be a star but the funny thing is my daughter who is nearly 29 have the most stunning voice. 200 x and more better than I every was. I am amazed every time I hear her sing . So I live through her really as she is doing more with her talent than I could have dreamt of.


  1. WOW (isn't often a give a wow but I feel one is deserved here, Jilly)
    You've every right to be proud of your daughter...she has an amazing voice!
    I'm sorry your dream didn't happen but you's never too late. ;) X

    1. Thanks tracy that vid is a bit old shes even better now. Im fine with my dream lol

  2. This gave me a chuckle at my yesteryear - in the church choir we would sing
    He who would valiant be.....
    Instead of pilgrim my chums and I would sing TO BE A PILCHARD!!

    1. Lol funny how we remember stuff like that rachel lol

  3. It's what sprang to my mind with your 'To be a' lol x great video

  4. Your daughter really does have an amazing voice, and you have every right to be very proud of her. I'm so sorry though that your dream to sing didn't come true x Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x


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