Friday, 17 July 2015

Kellys Ice Cream and Clarks Dessert Sauces Review

Now when you are talking about a treat, for me it has to be ice cream! I love the stuff in all flavours lol. One of my favourites is Kelly's of Cornwall. I used to live in Devon and made lots of trips to Cornwall so its a really lovely to be reminded of such a beautiful place. I also love Clarks dessert toppings as they are yummy with ice cream and good for you as well!

Let me give you some facts about Kellys  and Clarks

Kelly’s of Cornwall, a Cornish ice cream made in Cornwall for over a 100 years that uses only the finest dairy ingredients, including lashings of Cornish whole milk and clotted cream from dairy cows grazing on lush green pastures. It's the only genuine Cornish ice cream that is available nationwide. Flavours include classic clotted cream, clotted cream and strawberry, clotted cream and honeycomb, and brand new clotted cream and salted caramel.
Clarks (famous for its maple syrup and honey) has just this year launched a new range of delicious dessert toppings made with carob syrup (which is a low calorie, low gi alternative to refined sugar) which are perfect for topping ice cream. Flavours include scrumptious strawberry, tempting chocolate and tantalising caramel.

As it is National Ice cream day on the 19th July in the UK it was perfect to get some yummy Kelly's and Clarks and make a great sundae .
We picked as our start base :-

 Really creamy and lush for both of them but the honeycomb one had lots of tiny bits of honeycomb running through it which was sooooooo good.
We were spoilt for choice with the Clarks toppings we had:

The chocolate one was to die for all rich and creamy would go on any thing really or straight into my mouth lol. I loved the caramel one and the strawberry in fact I would never be able to name one above the other as they were all so nice.

Our grandson got his other Nana to help him build a sand castle while we came up with a creations to enjoy

Sadly our granddaughter is far to young for sand or ice cream but she was getting excited anyway

This is a picture of our sundae

Lovely layers of Kelly's Ice cream, marshmallows, flaked almonds and Cherry's. Covered in yummy Clarks sauces. Best sundae ever!!

You can find out lots about Kelly's at 

and Clarks at

please note I was not paid for this review only a receiving a sample of the product

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  1. ooo yummy ice cream too good to go without


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