Friday, 31 July 2015

Whitby Seafoods Review

I had the chance this week to review Whitby Seafoods. Now I have to say I love Whitby as a place and also where good friends Jane and Clive live. We have had the pleasure of staying in Whitby twice and totally loved the whole place.
My husband is a full on sea food lover and I will always pick scampi over many other dishes, so the chance to taste some was too good to be missed.

So Lets give you a little background on Whitby Seafoods first., in their own words.

As one of the largest scampi companies in the UK, we know we have a responsibility to the environment. We want to make sure that the stocks of seafood from which we source our scampi stay healthy, and that the ocean is unaffected by us, and the fishermen who supply us
They also say that all scampi is caught in waters around the British Isles and also by British skippers, many of which are from Whitby.

I tried two types

Was a lovely scampi in a yummy crumb coat. We cooked ours in the oven in no time and both tasted great. Full of flavour but not fishy or greasy at all. Our only problem was the bag was too small lol. Plus if your were cooking for a family one bag would not go very far. Maybe a larger family bag could be available . To be honest I think we would buy the bigger bag and then pop what we do not use for another meal.
Just for a little while I was sitting in Whitby watching the boats and enjoying the yummy scampi . This was our meal we had and it was soooo nice.

There are many more lovely flavours in the range and lots of ideas on the web site. Seafood is such a British classic meal and one you don't have to only be at the seaside to enjoy any more.

So thank you Whitby Seafood for making me remember why I love Whitby so much!
If you would like more information about Whitby Seafood check out their web site at

Please note I was not paid for the review , only receiving a sample of the product 

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