Monday, 17 August 2015

Make It Coats Quilt

If you read the blog often you will know I am a very lucky girl to be an ambassador for Coats Uk.
I get to make some hopefully lovely things and share with you also.
I just had my first supplies a week ago and was off on the journey to make my first quilt in ages.
The quilt I picked to make was on the Make it Coats web site  and the pattern was free called Red Bricks, and very easy to print off. It gave you full fabric amounts and very detailed supplies lists and also cutting guide.
At first it can seem abit daunting but as long as you take your time and read it all through you will be fine.
I wanted a different colour way to fit in with my room from the original , so I went for  a lovely 100 % cotton by the designer Erin McMorris from FreeSpirits called Distrikt .

Think you will agree its a lovely mix of patterns and colour.
The first thing I did was sit down and plan. Its all too easy to rush in ( I know I am guilty of that !!) but with such fab fabric I did not want to spoil anything. I sat with the pattern and made sure I understood everything. Then I got all my cutting things and made a start. I found that it was simple to work through from the top and tick off once I had cut them out. I put them in piles ready to move on to the next thing.

Once they were cut the sewing began. I had a handy radiator next to me which made a perfect fabric holding area lol

The instructions are very clear but I also found you could be random in your pick as long as you did not place two of the same colour next to each other. It was kind of fun mixing and matching. Its very simple to sew them end to end to make one long strip. You have to make 13 strips for this quilt and I preferred to use a  'flag method' to join up my bits. I sewed lots of pairs then joined them to other pairs and before you know it you have your strip. Much faster I think.

All joined together like a flag lol.
When you have your 13 its time to put them all together into your quilt top. You then add your borders and wadding and backing. I picked a very light weight wadding as it is a fairly large quilt and I did not want it too heavy. There are so many great wadding's out there its worth picking the right one for you and the job at hand.
When it was all put together I like to sew around the edge just to help me handle it all. Then I sewed on my binding. Once that was done I got myself all settled and started the hand sewing. This was for the binding as I prefer to hand sew this.

  Before I knew it I had the most beautiful quilt. I love the fabric and cotton from Coats . It was so nice to use and everything came up so well, I hope you agree.

I totally loved this project and I can't wait to share another with you. I think I am passing the next one to my daughter as she wants to try a great knitting pattern, also from coats. So watch this space!

Love to hear what you have been making or got planned


  1. Really nice, the finished quilt looks lovely!

    1. thank you Jane it is a lovely cozy quilt fabric is so beautiful

  2. fab quilt have to check out the site

    1. lots of ideas of fun things to do on there Alison

  3. Beautiful quilt! Love the fabric combinations!

    1. Thank you annie it waa great fabric to use

  4. Whoo this is lovely, great patten and colour of the material too :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative mondays

  5. It looks amazing! I'm. I love knitting and I'm learning to crochet but I haven't tried quilting before- I would love to give it a go some time.

  6. You should go yo the make it coats site morna lots of projects to try. This is very easy nut big maybe start smaller. Best of luck and come back soon


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