Saturday, 29 August 2015

Share a smile :my family

Taking part with the lovely link up of share a smile. It is so nice to look at a happy picture and one that makes you smile. Great happy memories. This picture is my daughter in law Karen, my grandson Nathan and my wonderful son Matthew. I think they were out for a walk on a chilly day lol but still having fun.

The second picture is my future son in law Ian, my darling daughter Natalie and their little girl Grace. Grace had just been born five weeks early , giving us all a fright in the process. She had a rocky few days but thankfully she is fit and well and seven months old now.
I have such a fab family and I hope they make you smile like me. xx


  1. Beautiful post! Your family look lovely! Scary to think of Grace being born 5 weeks early as I only have 4 weeks to go. Glad she is doing well! Thanks for linking up! Lovely smiley post! xx

    1. Thank upu charlotte they are lol. Gosh not long now how exciting xx


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