Thursday, 10 September 2015

Clarks Sauces and Moma Porridge Review

Mid week hi to everyone! I think if you are like me we are always trying to take care of ourselves even if we don't always succeed. I got to try out a couple of products this week which are high on my list of things that are good for you, but not bad for your health.
The first is a great range of sauces made by the wonderful Carks! I have reviewed their excellent products before and I was not disappointed this time.

Let Clark's tell you in their words first about the Carob Fruit Syrup

Our Carob Fruit Syrup originates from Spain, where a small team of farmers carefully collect the Carob pods from the Carob tree and take them to the factory to be broken down. There, the Carob pods are gently heated, broken down and passed through fine filters where it is processed until we are left with a sweet, natural, clear liquid that has a low glycemic index, which, gram per gram, has 41% less sugar than white refined sugar! So it’s great for anyone who wants to control their sugar intake, even diabetics. Our Carob Fruit syrup is then packed up and shipped directly to our factory in Newport, South Wales where it is packed up and dispatched for you all to enjoy.

I have to be honest I had not seen this product before so I was excited. Its really good as a sweetener in drinks and cooking. Easy to pour and lovely and sweet and tasty. I made some yummy porridge which I will be telling you about soon and used this to sweeten it a little. I think it would such a healthier option for everyone. Breakfasts with children can be stressful and keeping them away from the sugar cereals a nightmare. I also think this would be great to use with the oats to make your own cereal bars. Then you know  just what is in them and they would be great for breakfast or lunch boxes.
I am going to be trying it out with my baking so keep watching.

The other sauce I got to try was the Clarks Maple Carob syrup.
This is a yummy blend of pure maple from Cananda and carob fruit from the mediterranean. It has 45 % less sugar per 100g than white sugar and love glycemic ingredients. Both of which is good if you are worrying about what you eat. I was a bit bad and had mine on some ice cream and I am sorry but it was so good lol. It would be lovely on the Moma porridge or a little in your coffee . I am sure there are so many uses for it and its much better for you than refined sugars.

The porridge I mentioned was a brand I have to be honest and say I did not know and that is Moma
I had a sample of their Plain no added sugar version. I have to say I was expecting the worse as I have a terrible sweet tooth. Normally no added sugar can me it tastes bad! This is a blend of jumbo oats and fine oats and as a plus gluten free, with low fat milk powder and nothing else.
I had single serves sachets but it also comes in pots so really easy to use.
I found my favourite mug, poured the sachet in then covered with hot water, and let it stand for five minuets.

I did make the mistake of putting in far too much water but it still was fine. I did not add anything else just stirred and enjoyed. It tasted great! I was shocked as I did not add anything although a squeeze of the Clark's syrups would have been nice. I thought the sachet size seemed small but it filled me up with ease and I stayed full right through to lunch time. It would be fab if you are busy with the children and getting them to have a healthy start to the day. So quick and easy no fuss or mess.

So I enjoy both Clark's and Moma and I hope you will give these new products a try. I would love to know what you thought of them and if you have tried others in their range.

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Please note I was not paid for the review only receiving a sample of the product 

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