Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Next Project with Make it Coats

So I hope you enjoyed my last project for coats, my bricks quilt! I love making it and the fabric was a dream to handle. If anyone has also made the quilt I would so love to see your one! This was it to remind you.

 It so nice and warm and I am going to look forward to having a cuddle with it in the winter lol.

So this time it is going to be a two person craft project. I can knit but its not my favourite thing to do, unlike my daughter Natalie who is great at it. When we was recently at Britmums Live in London. We saw the wonderful Rowen Yarn and a lovely poncho knitting pattern. So we were delighted when Coats asked if we would like to make it.

Poncho Online Collection
Looks cozy doesn't it ! We got our wool today in these lovely rich colours and what lovely yarn it is!
The pattern seems straight forward even for me lol. Natalie could not wait to get going on it and I can't wait to share the finished results.

For me I am going to make another quilt but this time I am not keeping it. I hope to get it finished and then my father in law is having a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer, so I am going to give it to him to raffle to raise funds. 
The quilt I am doing is once again a free pattern on Make it coats web site called 

Bright Heart Voile Quilt

I thought it was such a happy looking quilt and I think it would make any smile. I also love the flower pillows and if there is a pattern I would love to try them as well.
So I am waiting on my fabric so I can get started and I am excited. Its been so nice to get back to some sewing for a change from my cakes! Sewing was always my first love and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

So are you going to join Natalie and me ? It would be so much fun if some of you made the poncho or the quilt or both. They would make great Christmas gifts if I dare say the C word lol.
I shall give you an update as to progress soon.

You will find details of all the products and patterns over at the Make it coats web site

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