Monday, 19 October 2015

National Curry Week

National Curry Week has arrived and I think most of us in the UK love our curry's. I myself prefer a mild curry but back in the day my brother would eat them so hot they blew your head off lol.
I am a big fan of Tilda Rice products . They have such a great range and so far I have not come across one I did not enjoy.
I am not really the cook in the family I pass that over to my hubbie who is an excellent cook. He loves making curries and enjoys coming up with new flavours using different spices and flavours.

We got to try out three Tilda Rices this time.

Pure Basmati 

We really liked this light and fluffy rice. So simple to cook and has a really nice texture not sticky at all. It would be great for your curry and lots of other recipe as well. There are lots of the Tilda web site so well worth checking it out.

Basmati with wild Rice

This is the rice we picked for our curry today. It is a mix of the regular basmati but also mixed in a dark wild rice. Very easy to cook with a lovely light fluffy texture. The mix made it very interesting and full of a nutty flavour I really enjoyed. I would not have normal made this rice mix to go with a curry but I am so glad we did as it was really tasty. Picture of the rice with our recipe


This rice had the most lovely nutty flavour. The best part is it is so good for a healthy diet as it is full of natural fibre. It would be great in soups, on salads or in a yummy casserole. Idea with winter coming when we need warming food.

Our Recipe was for
Beef Curry

1 kg beef diced

3 onions
2 chillies
Clove garlic
1Tsp turmeric powder
 1 Coriander powder
1 Cumin powder
1 Marsala powder
2tsp curry powder
Can chopped tomatoes
Squeeze of tomato puree
300 ml  water
Put into slow cooker

Add  chopped
1 carrot
2 peppers
1 courgette
2 onions sliced
1 small pack fresh Green beans cut in half
6 cauliflower stems
Chicken Stock cube
Salt and pepper

Cook for 5-6 hours

It was well worth the wait and could be cooked over night in your slow cooker.

We loved our Tilda Rice and you can find lots of information and recipes over at

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