Monday, 16 November 2015

Isle of Wight Mini Break

It is my husband birthday this week. He is the hardest person in the world to buy for , really I am not joking! He doesn't read, has not real hobbies except cooking and sea fishing !!!! He has every cooking item known to man and a shed load of fishing products as well, so he does not need any of those!!
So then I thought why not take him away in the UK for a wee mini break. I have to be honest I picked the Isle of wight as it is somewhere I have wanted to go back to for years. We last went when my son was small , about 8 months. As he is nearly 34 its be awhile lol! Also I love history and the fact that Queen Victoria had  her holiday home  that you can visit was another thing for me. When we went back in 1981 we were very young and had no money , so we could not go as the entrance was too expensive.

I felt like a kid waiting for the ferry to arrive lol. I love the sea and boats so for me it was exciting. I also thought of all those family holidays as a child, brought back lovely memories.

Trust me to sit right at the front lol. Love to see where I am going and we were lucky the crossing was calm and for me too fast.

Once we got settled in our cottage we found a shop and got some bits and had a nice relaxing meal at home.
The Island has lots to offer and in summer it has the most lovely beaches, so fab for families and very peaceful. In fact the whole pace of life over there is relaxed!
I have to tell you out of the few days there I was so upset! I can see the funny side now but at the time it was so not funny!
You know I said I have dreamt of Osbourne House for years? It was one of the reasons for going back to the Island. When I booked I checked the opening times for winter. Ooo that's lucky it is only open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Great I thought we can go on the Wednesday. Then the day before I checked times and costs and can you imagine how i felt when I saw that on our date they were not open !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All that way and so close but so far lol.  The next picture is as close as i got and it is the gate house of Osbourne.

In saying that we still had a nice time and went to visit some fab places on the Island and for November the weather was great . I hope you enjoy these pictures and if you can visit there as it was great. I will get to Osbourne one day lol!


  1. How disappointing that the House wasn't open! Glad you still had a nice time! A mini break is a great present for awkward husbands as it means we get to go with them! :) Thanks for linking up! xx

  2. Erm, I appear to be also living with your husband! My HG has every cookery gadget known to man and the fishing tackle he has he could fully stock a medium sized shop!!

    1. Lol rachel you do make me smile ;-)
      Shall i sent mine to live with yours lol. I have cake and vodka at mine xx

  3. aww honey so sorry your still didnt get to visit (that so would have been my luck too!) I am pleased however you had such a lovely trip, its the one place i would love to visit in a heart beat but yet never been!
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    1. Lol you have to see the funny side jaime ! Still a great place to visit fab for the kids xxx

  4. It is somewhere I've never been though I have sailed around there once years ago. It looks like there is plenty still to do in November but oh how disappointing to find Osbourne House closed despite the website saying it would be open. Thanks for popping over to see my day out in France too #MagicMoments


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