Saturday, 21 November 2015

Its a good day for cake

I have lots of things that make me smile, so thinking of one thing to chat about is always hard . I love craft and I have done sewing all my life. I really love patchwork and quilting and in the past have made some lovely quilts for friends and family. I moved onto to card making and this in turn brought me lots of new friends and lots of laughs.
In the last few years I have got into cake decorating and I think with all my health issues I can turn out a fair cake. If you do suffer chronic pain it is great if something can take your mind off it all for a little while, for me its decorating my cakes.
I only do it as a hobby but I love it when someone tells me they loved their cake, it is such a great feeling to get that praise. So my smile and magic moment is my cakes.... xxx

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