Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Get Festive With Knorr

Well the big day is nearly with us and all around the world people are rushing around trying to get it all right! For most of us with families , food plays a big part and as a mum I know you always want it to be perfect.
If my house is anything to go on I always have food left over. That nervous thing about making sure everyone has to be fed. As a child I had endless turkey sandwiches for days lol.

I was asked to try out some products from Knorr. They do a super range of flavour pots and just wonderful flavouring for your food.
On their web site they have some great recipes to help you make the best of any left overs, or just for something else to make. There are also lots of more general recipes and I thought I would share a couple with you. Then you can pop over to Knorr and make some of your own.

The products I tried were:-

Garlic Flavour Pots

These little beauties mean no messing around peeling garlic as it is all done and ready for you.
Best Part!
No Artificial flavour enhancers
No Artificial colours
No preservatives
And also sutable for vegetarians .

Touch of Taste (Beef)

Really tasty little bottles of beef flavour, and a little goes a long way so cost effective too.

Stock Cubes

Lots of different kinds from chicken to vegetable. As above but also gluten and lactose free. And no added MSG!

Before I share our make these are a couple of fab recipe's to get you thinking about being festive with Knorr this year.

I am going to try them out for sure as I think they beat endless sandwiches lol.
We couldn't wait to try out our items so we thought we would make a normal spaghetti  . My husband is a great cook but he really loved the ease of using the knorr products.
As you can see we had a fab dinner! I have to say the flavour was off the chart and we enjoyed every bit. He said he will make sure he has a lot of these in the cupboard because he can use them so much!

The Knorr web site is really excellent with lots of information and a great range of meal ideas for some really tasty food. Hope you take time to visit and try something out , please come back and tell me what you made. There are so many Festive ideas as well !


please note I was not paid for this review just receiving a sample of the product 

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