Monday, 1 February 2016

Why I love Being a Mum!

Just this weekend there was a challenge on facebook to post pictures of why you loved being a mum. I am still trying to post mine lol due to some issue I am not clever enough to figure out yet!!
So I thought I would post on the blog as well.
I have two children who are now grown adults and also parents . I always knew I wanted to be a mum and soon as I married in 1979 I wanted to have a baby. It was not so easy for me and took 2 years before our son Matthew arrived in 1981. He was so perfect and I loved him so much. It was a steep learning curve being a mum, and for a stress head like me at times it was not easy.  I worry about everything lol.

The birth had been a little rough and to be honest I was so happy with him and did think I would not have any more. Then my friend was pregnant and I thought maybe I could have just one more baby !
So in 1986 my daughter Natalie arrived to complete the family. I loved her too from the start but it was a shock to the system having a young baby . Matthew was off to school and I had this little person who needed me 24-7 again! Once again my stress head was on but in my normal style I pushed on and as time went past it got easier again.

Do not let anyone tell you its easy being a parent because its not! There are days when you wish you lived alone  on an Island and days when you love them so much you think your heart will explode . I am so lucky mine have grown up into wonderful adults who make me proud everyday. They have great partners and beautiful children and even at their age I love them more than ever. xxxx


  1. Awwww. I have been tagged in that Facebook thing too - hard to narrow down the photos x

  2. Lol i guess i didnt take so many pictures when mine were little. No mobile phones then lol


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