Sunday, 3 July 2016


My Mum at the front . Also my nan to her side and my aunt and great aunt

I love to look at other blogs and web sites. There are some really interesting and some real weird ones lol. I can be found looking through facebook (even though I moan at my husband for doing this) and came across a lady who was ranting about her local store and how they have moved stuff. I don't normally watch these things but something  made me and I am so glad I did. She was so funny I laughed and laughed . I started watching more of her video's and reading her blog. Her name is Susannah.

Then I found the posts and video's about her recently loss of her mother and boy did it strike a note with me big time.
I was always close with my mum even growing up. When we went out I would always hold her arm and she used to tell me she would have hands on her feet because I held them so much lol. Don't get me wrong she had a temper which I never got on the wrong side off but she was the best mum ever. She didn't have to hit me she just fixed with the stare and  I would be good as gold lol.

When my son was one we found out she had cancer. No panic it was skin cancer so everything would be fine. Sadly it was more than that and after a long brave fight of 8 years she passed away aged 63. I thought the world had ended but I had to push on and pretend I was doing ok, as I had young children. If I cried my daughter would cry too so I hid it well. As each year went past it got a bit easier but it never stopped me missing her.

My children were 5 and 10 at the time and it makes me sad that she and they missed out on so much. Now they are 30 and 35 with children of their own and I know she would have been the best nan and great nan ever.
So Susannah's video about her pain losing her mother was so hard to watch but it could have been me. Yes she is a funny lady but her post about this subject and others are so great .
If you have your mum alive them please cherish her and enjoy time with her , you have to make every second count for sure.
Please read this ladies posts as she is really great.
I don't know her but have so enjoyed reading her stuff

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