Monday, 19 September 2016

Lurpak and Game On,Cook Campaign

In my house we are Cook's by name but also Cook's by nature! Both my husband and I share a love of cooking. With him its general cooking and with me its baking. Its funny but up until a few years ago I hated cooking lol.
I was recently asked to take part in a campaign run by Lurpak. Now I did not need asking twice as I love Lurpak products and use them all the time. I was delighted to be given a £30  voucher to go and buy all my Lurpak and other products a real treat.
The Campaign states that that the average Brit spends more than five hours a week on social media looking at food culture but only 4 hours really cooking!

So Lurpak has come up with a new idea  with  Game on , Cooks Campaign which aims to tackle he problem head on by challenging Brits to turn off their screens and put the oven on. I think you will agree if you love to cook its so much fun creating your own dish.

So off I went to my super market for supplies! I knew it had to be cake because hey that's what I do best. I really love the Lurpak Cook's range and the cooking liquid is great for all cooking and I also like to use it to grease my tin. I then use a little flour and I find my cakes slip out of the tin with ease and no need to line.

I knew I was going to use my favourite recipe which is James Martins Madeira cake . Its a very easy one to follow and you get great results. I love to use Lurpak in cooking if I want it to be very special and it just tastes so good . I went for he unsalted and also the salted for my butter cream as I think it tastes the best!

I also got some of the spreadable as I was keen to see what was best. This type is great for everyday use as its super easy to use. I think you can use either but I went with the block butter this time.

I had to get all my other products with my voucher as well. Two bags of self raising flour, A bag of sugar, vanilla essence, baking power, 12 free range eggs,  As I had a chocolate ganache  under my fondant I had to buy double cream and chocolate. I like a 70% type but any will do I had to get 4 packs. Then I had to buy 4 packets of 500g's of sugar paste or fondant to cover with. A board to put it on as well. Altogether it came to £37.23 so I had to add a little, but that was fine.

Very soon it was baking. Once it was out I set about making it look fab as I could using the lovely butter to make the butter cream as well as the cake.  I think I did well with my £30 voucher plus the little extra,  and I do have some lovely Lurpak over to make something else, so watch this space. I hope you like what I made! Lucky for me I had my flowers already made and waiting for a yummy cake to decorate. I really enjoyed the Campaign and it made me think I must do more. Hubbie who is a past winner of a T.V cookery show said the same! He is already thinking of ways to use my spare Lurpak butter lol.

So jump over to the Lurpak web site at and join in the Campaign there are loads of fab idea for you to make !

Please note I was only given a £30 voucher in order to buy products for this post

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