Thursday, 9 February 2017

Aldi Cocktail Challenge

Christmas is over but summer is coming so any excuse for a lovely fresh cocktail really! I was really excited to get to try out some ideas now dry January is over.
Aldi is one of our fave stores and they have a great range of drinks to make your creations with.
 So we tried

Gin, Lime & and  Cucumber Cooler

Really lovely and fresh and zesty. Be perfect for those summer BBQ's or just relaxing in the sun.


50ml London Dry Gin
6 slices of cucumber, peeled
1/2 lime cut into 2 wedges

40ml Del Rivo Apple juice
12 fresh mint leaves
1 tsp sugar
Crushed ice

Pour he gin and apple juice into a large cup or small owl . Add the sugar, squeeze of lime
Add the mint leaves and the cucumber and with the end of a wooden spoon, muddle/crush the mint and cucumber slightly to release their flavour. Pour into a glass and add plenty of crushed ice, drop in the lime half and stir
serve garnished  with a sprig of mint

We loved this really fresh and super easy to make but big on taste

Blackberry Smash

Delicious fresh berries and fresh lemon juice combine with the crisp taste of gin to make this cocktail the perfect weekend drink in front of the TV. With its uplifting citrus and berry notes, blackberry smash is an excellent drink to brighten up your winter

50ml Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin
1/2 cup of White sugar
1/2 cup hot water
10-12 blackberries
25ml lemon
6 mint leaves
sparkling water to top


Fill a tall glass and a cocktail shaker with cubed ice
To make the blackberry syrup dissolve the White sugar in the hot water. Once dissolved add in 10/12 blackberries and allow to cook down to room temperature before straining and chilling in the fridge
Add 25ml of blackberry syrup and all ingredients (except sparkling water)to cocktail shaker
Shake hard for ten seconds then  strain  through a tea strainer into the ice-filled tall glass
slowly top with sparkling water

This was so nice I can see me sitting around the BBQ sipping this on a warm summer night or siting all cosy by the fire


This is a lovely light cocktails but has that distinctive sour bite of the cranberry with the soft bubbles of the Prosecco


75 ml Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadent NV
25ml Rio D'Oro cranberry juice
1 tsp mixed spice


Dip the rim of a chilled champagne flute into the cranberry juice and then into icing sugar
Dip again  in the cranberry juice, then into the mixed spice and leave to stand
Make the sugar syrup - mix water and sugar and bring  to the boil in a saucepan
Stir until the sugar has dissolved and allow to cook
Mix the cranberry juice with 1 teaspoon of sugar syrup and fill the bottom 1/4 of the glass then top up with prosecco
Garnish with a cranberry cut in half and pushed onto the rim of the glass.

This could be a yummy summer drink but I thought it would also be great for a special meal in the winter, or Christmas. With the cranberry and mixed spice it would be perfect.
As you can see ours did miss the cranberry on the glass as when we bought all our items we totally forgot the fresh cranberries lol.


A Crisp and fruity drink great for parties

30ml Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin
15ml Old Hopking White Rum
Orange Juice


30ml Oliver Cromwell Dry Gin, 15 ml Old Hopking White Rum, fill a tall glass with orange and enjoy!

Really easy to make and tastes great .

We loved trying out these cocktails and it would make a fun evening for anyone. Hope you try and go over to the Aldi web site for lots more items for great meal

Please note I was not paid for this review , only receiving a sample of the product .

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