Thursday, 21 September 2017

London Cocktail Week and Discover Kale Review

Say the word  'Cocktail' and you have my attention ! Who does not like the idea of that fancy little drink which is normal sporting a mini umbrella or fancy fruits.  So when I got the chance to try making cocktails at home to help celebrate London Cocktail week (2nd-8th October ) I was in.
With the help of  Discover Kale , a really fantastic site with tons of ideas to use the yummy vegetable Kale I was on my way.

Now I know normally you would not think of vegetables as being great in a cocktail but I was so surprised about how many ways you could use them. Plus Kale is one of my favourites so I was keen to find out more.
I also got to use a really lovely Gin that is new to me called Pin Gin, made by the Lincolnshire Premier gin company Bottomley Distillers.
First I got to taste the Gin and was surprised by its lovely smell and taste. You could taste cucumber and spice and every time I tried it I could pick up another yummy ingredient.

We made a Kale Collins which is like A Tom Collins but with kale.
We used our juicer which I have to be honest in saying its not been out in the light for some time !! We juiced a pack of kale down , the added in cucumber, ice, a teaspoon of sugar syrup, lime , and gin.  Put into our shaker and then a quick jig and it was ready. Strain into a glass and fill to top with soda or tonic water. Garnish with cucumber and you have all set. It was such a surprised as it tasted really fab. Refreshing and tastes great.

We also made some little shots Blue is Gin tonic and blue curacao
Red is Gin tonic bitters and Italian aperol
And Green in Gin lemonade and peppermint liqueur.

You must visit Discover Kale and it is such a great item. I was amazed at all the properties it has.

Anti Inflammatory
Omega fatty acids
Immunity and sustainable

 So I hope you will join in with London cocktail week and Discover Kale you will not regret it!

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