Wednesday, 18 October 2017

New York Mini Maple Bagels

I love Bagels of any shape or size and the best are from New York Bakery  Co.  This week we got to try their  New Maple Mini Bagels. Yummy little bites of low fat goodness.

To make it all the better there is a competition to create a dish or creation around Halloween or Bonfire night for your family and friends.
Well its been a hectic couple of weeks here so not much time to really get my thinking cap on.
First my husband , my granddaughter and I enjoy some yummy chocolate while we came up with our idea.

So we decided on a yummy buttered bagels with a homemade custard. I cut them into half and buttered well . Then laid them face down and then made up a custard with eggs and milk and some sugar. This was poured over the top.
I then cooked it in the oven until the egg custard was set. Well I can tell you it was yummy and perfect for a chilly night  in bowls with maybe a dash of cream.

I am amazed at how much you can do with bagels and how many ways they can be served.
For lots more information hop over to the New York Bakery Co. And I would love to see your creations

Please note I was not paid for this post only receiving a sample of the product

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