Thursday, 15 March 2018

Aldi Vegan Wine Review

Mr Jollyjilly and myself do rather enjoy a small glass of wine at times. I have issues with allergies so I have to be very careful. I am also keen recently to improve my life style and source more organic products. So we got to try some wines from the Aldi Vegan Wine Range.  So many people are now vegan or vegetarian boring foods or drinks are something of the past.  Now you can buy a whole range of wines from Reds to whites and at a price range to fit with everyone. So we got to try.


Big favourite with Mr. as he really enjoys a good red. Lovely bright ruby red . A yummy deep fruity and full bodied it would be great for the red wine lover any time.

The Project Sauvignon Blanc

 This is something we both enjoyed . A crisp , fresh white from South Africa. It had just a great taste of grapefruit with a wee hint of pineapple really yummy.  I can see us enjoying it at all sorts of occasions as it was so nice, and such a great price.

Reserva Toro Loco

One again Mr's favourite red. This one is aged for 12 months in Oak barrels , which I think is amazing. It had a really fruity flavour with a hint of cherries. We thought it would taste great with any meal , but fab with cheese .

Organic Prosecco

Comes from a family run winery who have made it their life's work to growing their grapes without herbicides or  pesticides . Really lovely and light and I would drink it any time. Saying that it would be great with starters or even with puddings. A great all rounder and a fab price.

Hope you check out the range at Aldi and you can find more at their web site.

please note I was not paid for this review only receiving a sample of the product 

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