Tuesday, 19 March 2019

My Blogging life !!

When many years ago my very talented niece said ' Why not start a blog Auntie' I thought she was mad.  Firstly I had no idea what a 'Blog' was and second was who on earth wants to read anything I write.  I went with the flow and with her help and a fab logo made by my talented son Jollyjillys was born.  It was a steep learning curve and I know I made a ton of mistakes ( sure I still do lol) but slowly I did learn. Back then people wrote more as an online diary and if you got anything nice you was very happy. Now I think its a full time job for some and good luck to them,  I wish I had the time to do that as its so much fun.

As time has gone on and grandchildren come along spare time in short. These days I think grandparents are used for childcare more and more, so retirement doesn't always mean retirement .
So my blog as slipped into the shadows and only every now and then I pop in to share a fab product or news. It takes so much work to have a successful blog and to keep it successful I just don't have the time to spend on it which is a shame. My son nags me about doing more to mention cake decorating and maybe tutorials but once again its time.

So his wee post is a kind of toe in the water thing, may a few lines a week and building up to where I used to be posting everyday who knows.
So If you have been reading since the start and are still around I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you have suggestions on a post then should out and maybe I can drag my brain away from kiddie TV to write something lol.

As Arnie would say 'I'll be back' 

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