Friday, 18 February 2011

Special lady

There is a special lady that I want to mention, as we come up to what would have been her birthday.
The lady in question is my sister in law pat.
My brother started going out with her when I was 7. My brother and I were 10yrs apart in age, and never really close.
From the second she stepped into our house, I loved her. She was so pretty and had the most beautiful clothes I had ever seen.
Everything matched and I loved to spend time with her.
As I got older she was more than a big sister and we had some really fun adventures. When my niece Emma came along I spent more time with them and later her brothers.
Over the next few days I may tell you about some of our adventures of which there were many.
Sadly she was taken from us far too early, but I hope one day we can meet up again.
So happy birthday pat we will raise a glass and think of you xx

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