Saturday, 26 March 2011

Listography On Time travel

I just found the fab blog Kate takes 5 and this week her Listography is "Places I'd like to time travel to (past and future)! At first I thought this would be easy but I thought wrong!
1.Back in time to the early 1800 or late 1700. Reason being I am doing my family tree and have hit a brick wall. It would be so much fun to meet my relatives and see how they lived, and where.

2. My second pick would be back to 1966. My parents loved camping and we normally spend hours in a tent! However, once a year my dad's love of hot weather and sun would take over. They would save and save and once a year we jetted off to Spain. I can still see my dad laid out frying to death in the sun!

3. My number 3 would be a time when my son was small. He was a totally sweet baby who always was smiling and happy. He is 30 this year so time as flown past, and he has grown into a wonderful young man. I think like most parents love for my children has grown and grown.
As another note I would also like to be this slim again!!!

4. And last I have to say I would like to still be  in the today or year ! I have a wonderful family of Kevin my husband, and my two children Matthew and Natalie. They also have 2 super partners of Karen and Rob, so all in all I am very lucky. There is much to look forward to this year so thanks I will stay where I am!



  1. Love number 4 - it's good to appreciate what you have xx

  2. Yes think you are right but my other picks rate high lol

  3. Thanks for joining in Jill - nice to 'meet' you.

  4. And you nice blog enjoyed reading it

  5. Awwww Great List Jil...Love the photo of Grandad sunbathing, lol bless him x

  6. Welcome to the Listography! Brilliant list - I LOVE the photographs. x


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