Saturday, 26 March 2011

This week Im grateful for.... life in the uk

Today I came accross a fab blog called // And then there were four and I great idea to think about what you are grateful for. It made me think about how with our busy lives that we never really stop to think about this. So saying that here goes!

1. My washing machine ... I know its totally self centred but i use it so much I could not imagine not being able to plonk stuff in, slam the door and do something else while it washes!

2. My postman ..... he always has a smile not matter what the weather. He is polite and helpful and always tries to do an excellent job. How many people doing this type of work do we forget!

3. My sewing machine ....... Im making 8 yes i said 8 bridesmaid dresses and how on earth i would do that without my machine i dont know! Sewing is a huge part of my life so without it i would be so sad.

4. My family...... I have a wonderful husband of 32 yrs and 2 fantatic children who i could not live without. I also have some nice friends all over the world , and also great family in Australia.
Im grateful for my life!


  1. Hi there, I am suitably impressed at your sewing commitments! You have a great list of gratefuls this weekend and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to explore them huh? Thanks for linking to Maxabella's Grateful for linky that I am hosting this weekend x

  2. Hi yes I do have a huge sewing commitment lol my daughter is getting married in sep! Maybe after I'll get my life back ! Pleasure to join in

  3. Yay! What a great list of things to be grateful for.

  4. Thanks it was hard to pick those few lol


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