Monday, 28 March 2011

Tales of an over the hill blogger!

When my neice said I should start a blog, I thought she was mad!
What would I write about?
What would I mention?
How the heck do I do it?

So like a kind patient parent she sat me down and said "lets begin"! With her help and a fab logo from my son I felt like a start had been made. However, as blank pages screamed at me I'm affraid I buckled under the pressure. My poor little blog was left in the dark for no one to see! Then dear neice said "Aunty you have a nice looking blog, you must write", all said with a smile. So here we are and my friends I have found many things to write about in the last couple of months. I learnt how to put on pictures and how to make my blog look better. I learnt how to tweet ( well thats another story a work in progress) and how to take part with other blog's and comment. I also learnt about "buttons" and "blog politeness" and all the other million things you have to learn.
Im getting there, I love to learn and I hope my blog is interesting so some, I hope it is being read?
Are you out there friends?
Please visit my niece Emma over at The Syder's as she is a wonderful writer and her blog is full of fun and ideas.


  1. hi jill, I am reading your blog and emma's too, also now following emma's daughter, so I'll soon know all about all your relations!

  2. Hi joy thanks for reading the blogs. It's emmas fault we are all into it lol

  3. Thanks Jill. You are doing brilliantly xxx


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