Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Life size

I have just came across a fab blog called Metal mummy. The theme over there this week is chick flicks!
It made me think it over and to be honest it's hard to pick one . I do love a good chick flick! So the one a picked on to use was "life-size "staring Tyra Banks, the American super model.
It's the story of a life size doll that by magic comes to life.
It's a very sweet film full of colour and silly fun.
I watched it with a special friend who shared my love of the silly film. At the end of the film she gets to stay alive and you get to do a sing along.
We laughed ourselves silly and it was a real feel good movie.
So come on you know you want too!


  1. Thank you for your lovely post :)

    I do love a bit of Tyra - I'm slightly obsessed with her Top Model series. My OH hates it but I series link record them all :/

    Haven't seen this though! Will check it out!

    Thanks for taking part. Hope to see you again next week! x

  2. I'm with you on top model love that as well lol. Yes check movie out it's really silly fun. Thanks as arnie says "I'll be back"!

  3. Hmmmm sounds interesting, will look into

  4. Not sure if it's totally chick or child lol but 2 grown women enjoy it


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