Saturday, 9 April 2011

Auntie Mary and me

Over at Cafe Bebe it was flashback Friday. Sadly for me this is flashback Saturday as I was so busy on Friday I just plain forgot! The picture is of me when I was around 7 in Spain, the lady is my auntie Mary. As a child we spent a fair amount of time with my aunt and uncle Tom and always went on holiday to Spain with them. I would think my aunts dress would have been made my my mum, who did this as a job. Auntie Mary was always very glam and spent hours at the hairdresser having her hair teased into shape. She always managed to wake up in the morning with her hair in perfect form. Sadly she passed away many years ago but I never forgot the happy times I spent with her and Uncle Tom.


  1. What a stylish lady - and a gorgeous photo xx

  2. Thanks she was a high maintance lady lol but also fun to be with loved her a lot

  3. Hi, gorgeous photo! Stopped by from Hop a Little Tuesday. Love your blog. Hope you check out mine at :-)


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