Saturday, 9 April 2011

I love my cricut

Ive not had much to say for a few days, as I had some new toys to play with. I have a cricut machine with cuts all kinds of stuff in a huge range of sizes. I have had mine for about 3yrs and yes it was expensive but well worth it as it was a 50th birthday gift. As a scrapbooker/card maker it was always such a chore to try and cut out elements to use on your work. It was never right for me and I always felt that it made my hard work look bad.
On a Easter visit to a local craft shop 3yrs ago I can across a demo of the above said machine. I was amazed at what it could do. As I said I was lucky and got one for my birthday, and I really have to say it was the best craft item I have ever had.
It works by placing little cartridge  into the machine, pick you size you want and press a button and away it goes. I have the cricut expression which if you can afford it is the better size.
So to get back to my new toys, and that is 3 new cartridge's of all kinds of wonderful shape and cards to cut!
I needed a break from the Bridesmaid dresses so it was very nice to play.
By the way Im telling you about the cricut just for me, sadly much as it would have been nice cricut did not pay me lol
If anyone wants anymore info from my point of view just ask, it would be a pleasure!

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