Monday, 25 April 2011

Magpie monday-jollyjillys

The charity shop was not open today as it was Easter Monday, so my find was from a couple of weeks ago.
Its a jacket with a matching dress which I paid  £5.00 for. I did buy it just for the jacket as my daughter sings and I thought it would look good with black trousers. However, I have another use for it! My daughter in law is 30 in a couple of weeks and she is having an 80's party! So I plan to put big shoulder pads in and big earrings and away I shall go! Promise I will post pictures at the party.

Me and My Shadow


  1. Wow! Sparkly-tastic!

    I love it - I'd wear it 80s themed night or not! LOL

    Thank for linking again x

  2. oooh fab! another clothing post there are a few today.
    I did clothing too as I had nothing new from my "hunts" this week.
    Look forward to seeing your pics xx


  3. Blingtastic! Have a great time at the party, sounds like it will be a lot of fun :)

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  5. Love it. I am following you back from the US. Have fun at the party:)

  6. Yes, this will look good with black trousers, and especially with big earrings! (But I'm biased because I think big earrings always look good. Hehe.) Thanks for dropping by my blog and following me! I'm following back. :)

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  9. I still dress in the 80's style so I'd blend in perfectly at that party LOL.
    I found you though Hop A Little Tuesday and am now following you.

  10. Ohh, so pretty - love the color. Stopping by to say thank you for visiting my little blog WynnieBee

    Returning the favor and following you on GFC and Twitter : D

  11. That is very nice! And what a great price!

    I am stopping by to say thank you for participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am your newest follower.


  12. Sweet top! Love it!

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  14. I will be watching from my sofa also....I am across the pond in the great USA...Love your blog ...I saw you on Jeremiah 19:11 a dear friend of mine and thought I'd give you a look...

    Now following you give me a look and hope you like I have 2 blogs that I use to exalt my Lord with and then the other one is just me eva'day gurl...


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