Tuesday, 17 May 2011

snap shot in time!

I was going through some papers today and I came across this black and white photo, taken in 1959 of myself age one! I think my mother was going to enter me in some baby contest and she had in fact made the dress from paper. I was not a very happy child when I was little and my aunt used to often say that I had the face of an angel, but miserable as sin lol. My mother was very talented and used to make the most wonderful clothes, and paper dresses were a theme for fancy dress. Many years later she made them for my niece Emma and my daughter Natalie.
I also think it is great that in the picture you can see a lady behind me, wearing clothes very much of that time. Pictures can have such a wonderful link to the past in memories and the time. I wish I could say I was this cute now, but sadly at age 52 not so..... I am much happier though !


  1. Awwww Nan made me a dress from paper too for the silver jubilee! xxx

  2. yes she did and Natalie had one also. We will have to get all three and post one day xxx

  3. This photo is absolutely adorable. I admit I can get lost in old fashioned pictures. I adore the clothing and want to get inside the psyche of those involved.

    My 94 year old Grandmother has video from when she was in her early twenties. How priceless!!

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  4. You were adorable!!! Love it!

    Hopping over to return the favor and follow your blog! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. Awwwwww. such a sweet picture :)
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  6. Nice to meet you all please come back
    And francine how wonderful to have the film of your grandmother. There was the same of me but no idea where it went :(
    Popping over to your blog asap

  7. Just love your photo!
    Thank you for stopping by


  8. Thanks Carol Anne
    Nice to meet you

  9. I love this picture! The clothes and hairstyles really do giveaway the era. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. That's why I thought the ladies dress was so of it's time.
    Yes my mum was super at paper (and fabric)dresses lol

  11. This photo is a keeper! Can I use it on my wordless Wednesday?
    Becky Jane

  12. Hi becky Jane
    I love the picture 2 hard to believe it's me lol
    Yes feel free to use picture my pleasure

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  14. Wow! I've never heard of paper dresses (except the ones in the hospitals lol) It's beautiful. Joined Ya on GFC, hope to see ya stop by Parent Palace = )

  15. That is a fabulous photograph! My mom told me about paper dresses, so I've heard of them. She said she had a couple. I love your expression.

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  17. Wow, made from paper! I love it. new follower from the get wired Wednesday hop. Hope you can take a moment and pop on over to my blog as well. Have a great day.

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  18. So nice to meet all my new pals
    I think it was common to make fancy dress out of paper, at that time. Maybe it was to do with the 2nd world war and shortages who knows?
    Sadly my mum who made this has passed away so I can't ask!

  19. I love the face you're making in the pic! Priceless.

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  20. I had never heard of paper dresses! Its lovely!

    I love this post.


  21. To adorable, that photo is awesome!!

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  22. new follower from the wandering wednesday hop!

    that picture is way too adorable!

  23. Adorable! I would love to see the details of that dress. Out of paper? That's talent. I'm stopping by from Super Stalker Sunday. Happy Sunday!

  24. What a WONDERFUL photo!! I love it! It's always fun happening upon a picture that either brings back memories, or, in this case, makes you think about yourself before you could remember! (Assuming you can't remember from when you were 1!) I agree, the woman in the background is very much of the time... very wonderful what photos can do!
    I actually have a blog hop called Memory Mondays. Hope you can come join it sometime! I would love to see more photos like this!!! =) ((I'm also a new follower!))
    Kelsi @ ModernMomRedefined.blogspot.com

  25. Thanks photos are great to see what you were doing or did


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