Thursday, 19 May 2011

What shall we play today mum!

I love old photo's as they can bring back so many memories. My children are adults now and those fun simple days seem long past. When I found this picture of matthew and Natalie they seemed so happy and expectant. I do remember that one of our most fun days was most likely our cheapest also. We lived near a huge park which we crossed each day to get to school. One winter the school rang and said to come collect them as a huge snow storm was forcast. I didnt drive so I piled on the coats and set off! We got home safe before the storm but then the "what shall we do " cry went up.
So I covered the kitchen floor in paper and then got paint poured onto plates and said " ok let see what we can find" and set them searching. We rounded up pasta shapes, potatoes, bottle tops, bits of plastic in fact anything they could find. Then we laid out paper and tried them all out making pictures with the paint and sticking things on with glue.
It hardly cost a thing and we got messy but it was so much fun. You can throw money at days out and toys but I also found the most simple things could be the most fun.
Sadly they are a little too old these days, but I'm looking forward one day to have a
"what can we find" day with my grandchildren.


  1. Awwwww They look sooooo cute! xxx

  2. yes they did lol shame they grew up lol still cute xx

  3. My kids are adults as well and they tell me the best memories they have are of long walks in the park and arts and crafts for hours.
    I am a new visitor and follower via Java:)

  4. Great blog! Following back from the SSS blog hop. Happy Sunday!


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