Monday, 6 June 2011

I'm a blogger ..Oh yes I am !

I'm a blogger..oh yes I am!
Back late last year my neice Emma who has a fab blog called Mama Syders told me about blogging. My first reaction was "why" ! I did not understand why someone would do that and for what reason. She was very patient with me, and sat and helped me set up my blog.My son Matthew also  helped with the design for me, and its the super wee lady in the header thats down to him.

I made a couple of posts then lost interest!!
Then around Feb this year she said " Aunty you have a nice looking blog.... write on it"! So I thought why not give this a go!

One of the many question a new blogging may find like me to answer is, "what do I write about" ! I didn't know what at first but then as time goes along you do find you have more and more to say.
I was also very scared of making a mistake or upsetting someone, and it made me very nervous at first of sharing my blog. I started as I have gone on and talk about my life really. I'm not a young mummy blogger but I am still a mum. So a big part of my blog is family and how special they are too me.

I'm still learning everyday and look to other bloggers for help and inspiration to make my blog better.
I really love it now and about from my craft its my favorite hobby and I thank Emma for that.
I properly still going to make mistakes and for that I'm sorry but as a 53 year old newbie I hope you will forgive me!
So go and blog it will open out a whole new world!


  1. I love your blogs Miss Jill, you give me a reason to smile when I read your updates... miss you much! Hope you have a wonderful day...

  2. I love blogging too.I started my little blog early this year as I thought that it would be a good way of keeping a record of our wedding preperations and it's there for anyone out there to read as well. Although I have no idea why they would want to. It opens up a whole new world and its a great way to express yourself. Have fun with your blog. It's a great read! xx

  3. Hi April Im so pleased you are reading. Miss you as well xxx
    Hi brigitte glad you are also reading I enjoy our twitter chats lol


  4. Great blog! Thanks for visiting and following me...I am now following you back!
    Jenny Lee Sulpizio
    Author of "Mommy Whispers"

  5. Thanks very much glad you enjoy it

  6. Hi, I'm stopping by from Monday Blog Hope- I am a new follower and would love a follow back. :)

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  7. It's so hard to know what to consistently blog about sometimes. I call it blogger's block! Haha! Hiiii! I'm your newest follower! Would love for you to swing by & visit my blog when you have a chance! If you have a Twitter I'd love to be friends there as well! xoxo! & @shelbylatelycom

  8. hi, stopping by from i love my online friends hop! What a super cute blog! would love a visit

  9. No such mistakes for blogging... this is your personal area in the cyber space and you can do and say pretty much whatever you like - but yes, we try not to offend anyone but just feel free and be YOU! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  10. Thanks for that it is fun mistakes and all lol

  11. I started the other way around. I found my first blog (Between Naps on the Porch) on the HGTV web site. I started reading from there and pretty soon, I just knew I NEEDED a blog :-)

    Thank you so much for linking up with The Tuesday Train!

  12. The important thing is we are blogging! Guess it doesn't matter how, when and why but that we are having fun

  13. Blogging has been such a great way to connect with new people! Stopping by from Tuesday's blog hop, your blog is beautiful!

  14. I so agree Amy
    Thanks for your comments

  15. Great post!!!! I love the second picture, so funny!!


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