Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Osmond Brothers here I come!

Osmonds Brothers here I come!
Yes dear friends its sad but true .... I still love the Osmond Brothers!
I was mad about David Cassidy at the age of 10 then a friend told me about this new pop group.
Well I took one look at them and I was hooked. Every inch of my bedroom walls were covered in pictures and I collected anything and everything I could find.
I even told my poor niece Emma over at mama syders that she could not like anyone else lol and bought her Donny Osmond picture socks!
Over the years I grew-up and married and had my family, but I still could not hear them without getting all silly. I must say even at the age of 53 I only have to hear "Puppy Love" to   end up in tears.
I can't believe its been over 40yrs since that first picture and here they are just about to go on tour again.
I think Jimmy was on twitter and said of a UK tour so I went on the hunt. I am not really keen to visit London these days, but found they were at a local theatre I knew this maybe the last time I see them in concert.
I had planned to stand at the box office until it opened but I chickened out as I thought it was a bit daft as my age. So I sat on the phone with no luck then got   in    via the  lovely Internet.
We the end to this rather boring story is I got the third row, the best I have ever had for one of the many Osmond's Brothers concerts I have ever been to.
I am also grateful that my super daughter does not mind being dragged with me, so thanks Natalie. I even had my son Matthew trying for tickets for me, a truly family event lol.
So if you are in Essex next march, look out for a large amount of ladies (of a certain age !!) chanting,

" We love the Osmond's"


  1. Gosh just reading your post had the song Puppy Love going through my head. I used to think Jimmy was the cutest Osmond of them all!

  2. My big sister claimed Donny so I had to settle for Merrill. Still have a bit of a soft spot for the man behind my girlhood crush. Sure the concert will be wonderful xx

  3. I'm excited for you!! I LOVE the Osmonds! When I was at University my Bishop at church lived on Osmond Lane in Provo, Utah. Every time we had a church activity at his house we would instead go Osmond stalking. (but don't tell anyone!) And yes, Osmond Lane is a road where they grew up and some of them still live and us regular folk, with a lot of money, can buy a house on the lane, too. Nothing short of awesome!

  4. Hi caddie I did enjoy your comments it really made me smile. I bet your bishop wouldn't have been pleased if he had known what you were up to lol
    When they did there last tour I did get a cuddle lol. Concert in march so come but for the story lol

  5. Oh dear phone fingers mean cassie lol

  6. I'm the same age as donny but must say merrill gave me a nice cuddle when I meet him lol

  7. HI!Folowoing you from the Re-tweet club! All I can say....Donny is a beautiful man. I used to sing "Go Away Little Girl" using my baton as my microphone. Have you heard about the Donny & Marie cruise in Feb 2012?


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