Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mother and daughter day

Mother and daughter day ... That's what I did today . I went shopping with my youngest child Natalie. We drove a fair way to a huge shopping mall to spend some time Shopping. Living in the countryside we don't go to big shops often . I'm ok with that as I prefer the country life. However, it's nice to visit sometimes. We don't do expensive stores but we still have fun.
As our children grow up we are lucky if we still have a close relationship. I'm really lucky as I think I have a closeness with both my children. Matthew is 29 and we can chat daily for ages which is wonderful.
When they were small I used to tell my mother I could not cope! She would tell me enjoy them while you can as they grow so fast. How right was she was and how time slips past.
I would say love them enjoy them. And if like me you have a daughter make sure you have loads of mother daughter days!


  1. I'm glad you have such good times with your daughter. I have a niece who calls me mom, and I love the times we spend together.

  2. with 4 sons I never had a mother/daughter relationship, but now I have three D-I-Ls, and get on with them really really well, most especially jade who treats me like a mum.

  3. Thanks for comments I am lucky to have a daughter but I also have a great niece and daughter in law. I'm very lucky to have a close relationship with both my children

  4. I love close-family ties :) I do hope I'd continue having close relationship with my daughter as much as you do with your daughter :)

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  5. Thanks I hope you do as well


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