Thursday, 23 June 2011

Handmade Thursday ... M & M

Handmade Thursday again over at White Lily Green. I for once do have a hand made by me this week!
My daughter in law Karen is a teacher and every year the school have a sports day. Each group at school has a name and colour, and Karen's is blue. So on sports day some of the teachers dress up in fancy dress, but it has to be in the right colour.
The first year I made her a blue smurf which was very cute. Last year it was Avatar and then this year we decided on a blue M &M!!!
I did think at first how the heck was I going to do it, but in fact it was fairly easy and could be adapted for other things.
I got two plastic hula hoops ( I got them from ASDA only about £2) and then laid one on the fabric and went around it with a pen to get the shape. Then making sure you leave a seam of about a 1/2 inch cut it out. You need 4 circles altogether . This was for an adult and we used about 4 yards of 60 inch wide satin in total.
You then join the circles together leave an opening of about 12 inches at the bottom.
Then you can turn it to the right side and squeeze your hoops in the gap. Its a bit tight but the hoop with bend so it can be done. The hoop then pushes out to make your circle. You can then hand sew the opening shut.
I then applique the eyes and mouth and the M & M on the front.
I made some simple shoulder straps and side ones and put them on using Velcro.
I think it can out fab and Karen won best outfit.
You could adapt to make a fab pumpkin for Halloween or anything really use your imagination lol


  1. brilliant, jill, well done.

  2. Thanks joy i was pleased with it lol

  3. Hehe that is great Jill, I love it, you are really clever x

  4. Haha that's fabulous!

    I don't remember my teachers doing anything like that!

  5. Thanks all it was really rather easy
    She is a great fun teacher

  6. Oh that's hilarious, and genius!

  7. Thanks it did look great. I was worried as I thought it would be really hard!

  8. Wow this is fantastic :)

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