Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New month New me!

Ok today is the first of June and panic has set in!!! Those of you who read this blog will know my daughter Natalie is getting married on Sep 17th this year. Now I have my outfit but I must say the dress is a wee bit tight around the tummy area. I have been on a long weight lose trail since last year without any huge success. It started in July last year with a gastric band being fitted and hopes were high I would be slim by this summer. Sadly it has not really worked out that way with only a 28 pound weight loss over the year. Good to some but a drop in the ocean to me! I have felt very down by it and very embarrassed also as people expect the weight to fall off you, and I'm sure some are talking about it.
So I came across the Uk version of the Biggest loser and their online slimming club. They say you can lose 14 pounds in 6 weeks or your money back, so I thought why not.
So start date for real is Sunday and then I am going to promise myself to stick to it as the plan tells me.
I hope you will give me support and I would love to hear from anyone who is also trying to lose weight like me. Lets exchange views and foods and a slim and healthy summer.


  1. I found that my greatest success came when I wasn't trying so hard. I hope that makes sense. I was making myself sick trying to stick to doing the exact right thing. My big trick: Find a food that you can munch on that is low-calorie and low-sugar. For me, that is popcorn. For my husband it is carrot sticks. When we are in a mood to eat, we go to these foods. We each get satisfied, and we don't feel we are doing anything "wrong." Good luck with your weight loss!

  2. You can do it Jill...I'm rooting for you! xxx

  3. Yes think you are right Karen. I was honest and told people about the band but I really wish I had not. It gives you huge pressure to perform so to speak.
    I have to forget that and go at my speed which is slowwwww lol

  4. Very nice to meet you. I will be in your corner on loosing weight. It can be so hard. I am 53 I just turned that and it is almost impossible to loose weight but it can be done. Good for you doing the Biggest Looser. I put their music on my iPod and walk to it.
    Thank you for stopping by today,
    My Field of Dreams.

  5. Hi! I just found your blog from a Blog Hop! I appreciate your honesty in this post- right now I am participating in a "Family Biggest Loser" contest and it is HARD! So far I have hardly lost a pound and this is our 3rd week in! I have found that the thing that helps me the most is recording EVERY SINGLE THING I eat. It is hard, but when I realize what I am eating, I really start to think about the extra calories I consume. Anyway, best of luck! I am rooting for you!
    I am your newest follower- and I would love to have you follow me back!
    Camille @

  6. Hi camille thanks for your comment good luck with your journey as well. I'm also nearly 53 and it does get harder as you get older.
    I'll let you know how I get on and please keep me posted on your weight loss

  7. Oh Hi Jill, I look forward to reading about your weight loss of luck!
    I have just started at slimming world maybe we could share recipes ect :)

    I am following you on twitter now and your blog :) x

  8. hi carole yes let keep each other going. I used to run a slimming world class years ago lol
    best of luckx


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