Thursday, 2 June 2011

Small steps

Ok day two of the weight lose journey with the biggest loser club! I had to post a birthday card to a dear friend and thought I would walk to the post box. Now to some this would be easy as its only about 15 mins there and back , but to me its a long way. I have a very bad back and now knee so it is not easy with this weight to walk far without pain.
Its been ages since I went out alone and it did feel strange at first! Then I kind of liked the idea and as it was a nice day thought I would have a walk by our church.

Its a very beautiful church and very old 1400 or less I believe. The gravestones can be very interesting as the names and dates are so long ago. Its very peaceful so I walked over to a cute little stone wall and stood and admire the countryside. I was brought up in a big city so it is a joy to live somewhere so pretty.


I know it was not a long walk but I enjoyed the air and the alone time, and I can build on these mini walks. I would have like to stroll out across the field but hey, there will be another day when I can.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Beautiful old church! Thank you for stopping by my blog. following you from

  2. Thanks it's only 2 mins from my house nice to meet you


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