Friday, 24 June 2011

Singing star

Singing star is what comes to mind when i look at my flashback Friday picture.  Its a photo of my daughter Natalie who is totally a singing star. She has always performed since she was little, but it was not until she was around 8 that I could hear she really could sing.
Since those early days she has sung at some top venue's and with some famous people. Sadly due to health problems and luck the big time is yet to call.
This picture was taken when she was around 15 (shes 25 now) and was for a charity event. I was so proud of her and I still am when she sings, she has a truly beautiful voice. Its never too late to reach your dreams that's what I tell her, so fingers crossed that important person who can help is out there.
Happy weekend.

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  1. X Factor this year? Next year? I'll be keeping an eye out for her!
    She looks like she loves singing so much which is lovely to see.

  2. Shes already done x factor a few times. Always makes it through a couple of rounds then gets knocked out :(((
    If you want to hear her try you tube natalie cook covers there is a few tracks on there
    have a great weekend


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