Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Baby's day out!

Baby's day out was the idea that Tots 100 asked and although its been awhile, I can still remember that first time. My son Matthew is nearly five years older than his sister. She was born in July and that year Matthew started school for the first time.

It was all very exciting and Matthew could not wait to be grown-up and at school. Then the school dropped the bomb shell that he had to come home for lunch everyday for one term!!
Well we lived a good 20 min walk each way from the school and they only got one hour. I could not afford to take him to a resturant and I thinking what on earth was I going to do. Natalie was only tiny and still on 4hr feeds and I had no one who I could leave her with. First couple of days we tried to feed her and run up to the school get home, have lunch and run back but everyone ended up worn out and miserable.
So as the weather was good I hit on the idea of a picnic! I would take Matthew to school, come home and pack a bag with baby bottles and food for him a nice blanket and drinks. We lived very close to a large open park so it was easy to walk from the school. Matthew loved it as he felt like it was a fun day out, he could run around and be a boy and I got to relax with the baby. It was cheap as we  had the same as we would have done at home, and it was fun. I was lucky the weather held but the point is that you don't have to always throw money at a trip out.

Long as you are prepared you can get out with a young baby, even if you are on your own. If you are lucky to have a park near by a nice walk is great. As Natalie got older I would give them a bag each and we would collect things, like leaves and flowers and grass. Then when we got home I would lay newspaper on the kitchen floor and we would make pictures. I used to use stuff like pasta shapes and potatoes with paint to make patterns. I even used to make flour and water glue when money was really short.
Free trips like this can be fun with your children, and even though mine are long grown-up we still have all the wonderful memories. Enjoy your Baby's day out what ever you do!
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  1. A lovely solution to have a picnic in the park each lunchtime :)

  2. Yes it was pip saved all the rush and we all got time to have a bit of fun

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