Tuesday, 26 July 2011

cute cats

Cute Cat is just a thing I was thinking  about today. Really I am putting off a job that I really do not want to do, which is make my last bridesmaid dress!!!! So I would much rather think of my own cute cats.
We have 2 cats Cefer ( C for Cat !!!)  and Daisy, both of which I adore

My sweet Cfer

Darling Daisy

. I think they picked me rather than the other way, which is what people say cats do. Whatever way they came into my life its been great having them. We also had another cat Cagney but sadly illness took her which at the time made us very sad. Its amazing how animal or pets come into our lives and how much we get attached to them. I think they can bring comfort as well and if you need a bit of company you can always count on my cats for a cuddle.
So my friends I have put of the sewing long enough and hope you enjoyed seeing the other members of the family!

Have a wonderful day/week whatever you are doing, and love those cute cats !


  1. Aww, adorable cats! :) I'm a new reader following from the blog hop.

    Hope you have a great week.


  2. Wonderful cats. I too love cats very much, love the way they walk. They have got a nobility in them, as they are related to the kings of jungle.
    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks Kelly and aisha I really love my cats lol

  4. Such cuties. I love cats. I'm unreasonably attached to my James, a white-and-brown tiger striped Humane Society rescue.

  5. Know how you feel Erin I am totally in love with both my rescue cats lol

  6. Hello...thanks for linking up in the Footloose Hop this week. Your babies are beautiful I have LOTS of fur babies with the youngest being 3.5 weeks old. Their mother disappeared last Tues. and I am now playing mommy to them. We have no idea what happened to her...it wasn't like her to wander away from the deck since she had her babies, and even before that, she didn't go far at all. I honestly think someone stole her as she's a beautiful Siamese. Anyway...make it a great week!

  7. Adorable!!
    Hello, I'm a new GFC Follower of your blog :) follow back if you like thanks so much!!


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